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Amouage Gold For Men EDP 100ML 2023

Amouage Gold For Men EDP 100ML 2023

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Gold Man was Sultan Qaboos' gift to kings and princes around the world.

The spectacular light of the Lily of the Valley crowns the powdery shades of the Omani Rockrose and shines with the formidable and minty clarity of the Royal Hojari Frankincense.

Myrrh, delirious with warmth, and a pearlescent and indolic white Jasmine stand on an Iris from which emanates a rich, terribly luxurious scent of metallic Irones, violet Ionones and waxy, buttery notes of Cocoa butter.

The light grows ever brighter. The Mysore Sandalwood, rounded by vanillic and carnal White Musks, mimicks the smell of hot sands slightly salted by a touch of real Ambergris. An incomparable treasure, its animality arches over that of Civet, its tobacco undertones highlighted by those of Patchouli, while Oakmoss and Cedarwood transform them into a resolute chypre.

Overflowing with Omani Rockrose, Hojari Frankincense and Golden Ambergris, Gold Man distils the most royal riches of the Sultanate of Oman. Gold Man is only expensive once. After that, it's priceless.

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